Nine Step Consultation Process

The HFBC Approach

Although each family business is unique, all of them share the need to operate in a planned system that will maximize their resources for growth, change and future leadership. Our process was developed by Mike Henning to assist family-owned businesses in developing and implementing a planned system for their firm. This system will enable us to assess both the family and business systems, identify issues and prepare and implement a precise action plan for the firm.

Our system is a clearly defined process that will separate the individual and family questions from the business questions. It is designed to maximize your individual and collective resources. The process will assist you in developing the new understanding and skills required to manage the challenges that must be overcome to continue the successful growth of the firm. Our process will dramatically improve both your family and your business situation.

The consultation process passes through several distinct but overlapping phases. It begins with Needs Analysis, or the initial contact which is usually accomplished by phone and or mail. The next phase is referred to as Entry, or the orientation and interview on site process. Next, involves the Assessment and Diagnosis of issues and problems and the formulation of potential solutions. In the Feedback phase, the assessment and diagnosis are validated, and an implementation plan is developed. The Implementation phase occurs as the family begins to work to develop solutions for the problems. The final phase in which the consulting relationship with the family and business ends is referred to here as Termination.

Let's review the planning process starting with the point in time when we're engaged by the client (almost always by phone).

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